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Filbet Sabong International: Where Champions are Born!

Sabong, often known as cockfighting, is an essential component of the culture and heritage of the Philippines. Filipinos have been participating in this sport for hundreds of years, and many view it as more than simply a form of entertainment but also a way of life. Sabong is now a multimillion-dollar industry, and the Philippines is one of the top destinations in the globe for those who are interested in cockfighting from all over the world. In addition, Filbet Sabong International is currently operating at the forefront of this business.

Filbet Sabong International in the Philippines

Because of the efforts made by the Philippine government over the past few decades to market the country as a premier tourist destination. The casino business in the Philippines has experienced explosive growth in recent years. The very first casino in the nation opened its doors in 1977. Since then, the number of casinos in the country has increased to over fifty. Most of which are situated inside Metro Manila.

The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) is a government-owned and -controlled corporation overseeing the licensing and regulation of all casinos throughout the country. This corporation is responsible for regulating the casino business in the Philippines. Some casinos are controlled by PAGCOR and privately owned casinos. Most of which are situated in five-star hotels and other opulent resorts.

Filbet Sabong International: The Premier Sabong Destination

Located in the heart of Manila, Sabong International is the best sabong venue in the Philippines. The Sabong Group is well recognized as one of the country’s most prosperous and extensive gaming conglomerates. The entity that owns and manages the arena. At Sabong International, you can expect a sabong experience on par with the best in the world. Complete with cutting-edge facilities and conveniences.

The Arena

The Filbet Sabong International arena is purpose-built to deliver a sabong competition of the highest international caliber. The hall can hold up to 1,500 spectators, and private suites and VIP boxes are available for those. Who desire a more intimate and privileged viewing experience. Every sabong match will be an experience that viewers will remember for a long time. Thanks to the modern sound and lighting equipment installed in the arena.

The Gamecocks

The gamecocks at Filbet Sabong International are widely considered to be among the finest in the nation. The arena has a staff of knowledgeable individuals responsible for breeding and training the gamecocks. This helps to ensure that the gamecocks are in peak physical condition for every match. Every sabong game at Filbet Sabong International is an exciting event because the gamecocks there are noted for their power, agility, and fighting spirit.

The Sabong Experience

The Filbet Sabong International will provide fans with a sabong experience on par with the best in the world. Sabong matches take place at the arena daily, commencing at 10:00 am and ending at 12:00 am. Usually, games will go on until late at night. The championship match is the most anticipated event, and each tournament has its own distinct categories. In addition to the sabong bouts, fans will also be able to participate in live entertainment and partake in various food and drink options.

The Filbet Group

Filbet Sabong Group, recognized as one of the largest and most trustworthy gaming organizations in the Philippines, owns and manages the Filbet Sabong International gaming site. The Filbet Group has a long history in the gaming industry, and its portfolio includes casinos, sports betting, and internet gaming. They also have a reputation for providing excellent customer service. Customers come first, so the organization works hard to maintain a reputable and safe gaming environment.


Filbet Sabong International is the leading sabong venue in the Philippines, providing a sabong experience that is on par with the best in the world for spectators and those who choose to participate. Anyone interested in experiencing the excitement of sabong will find that Filbet Sabong International is the ideal location to do so because of its cutting-edge facilities, highly trained gamecocks, and dedication to the complete satisfaction of its patrons. The Filbet Sabong International is the event you should attend, regardless of whether you are a seasoned sabong enthusiast or a first-time observer. Visit our main website Come play with us! 



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